How to Cope Better with Student Behavioral Issues

The program showed me a better way to cope with stress and overwhelm in the classroom. I am much calmer now even when things are going wrong.

Ellen Woodley. Dec. 2,  2015

The 2 techniques I learned have given me a simple way of keeping calm when kids misbehave and make it really difficult to focus on my lesson plan. I don't feel as frustrated and stressed anymore.

Ellen Mumford  March 12,  2015

Our Emotional Fitness Program is a private personalized coaching program that has been delivered to teachers over the past 20 years with outstanding results.

Each teacher works with their own personal Coach. Teachers will learn 3 clinically proven techniques which provide them with a better way to way to cope with the stress and frustration caused by students that misbehave and cause problems in the classroom.

The program offers practical skills and methodology for teachers to get immediate relief from the negative effects of the following behaviors.

  • Students who are defiant

  • Students who argue and disrupt the class

  • Students who repeatedly do not follow teachers’ directions 

  • Students who bully others or create conflicts with classmates

  • Students who deliberately disobey rules and create problems

  • Students who are violent or abuse towards teachers or other students

  • Students with low self-esteem seeking attention, approval or reassurance

Better classroom Management

Here are some of the real benefits that teachers will be begin experiencing right away:

  • Being calmer in the midst of students causing problems with classroom management

  • Recovering faster from stress, frustration, anger, anxiety, overwhelm, and feeling judged

  • Increase your mental and physical energy and improve your physical and emotional health

  • Quickly change your reactions to stress or other negative situations & produce healthier responses

  • Experience a deep feeling of peace & contentment and be happier and more satisfied at work

Sick Leave & Stress Leave Prevention


I was scheduled to take time off work because the stress was really affecting my physical and mental health. I started the program 10 days before my sick leave and found I didn’t need any time off.

Thomas Mumford. March 12,  2015

The Emotional Fitness program offers new methods for teachers to reduce Stress, Frustration and Overwhelm and has been clinically proven to prevent sick leave & stress leave.

Each teacher works with their own personal Coach. Teachers will learn 3 clinically proven techniques which provide them with a better way to cope with increased workloads, decreased support for teachers and students and a rise in stress related and classroom management problems.

  • Counteract the negative effects of stress causing absenteeism 

  • Lower blood pressure  and reduce serious illnesses

  • Prevent sick leave & stress leave before it happens

  • Improve sleep and achieve deep states of relaxation

  • Reduce dependency on prescription medication

  • Minimize days off caused by  job dissatisfaction

  • Relieve physical, mental or emotional tension

  • Reduce neck, back and shoulder pain

  • Increase physical and mental energy